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I began playing drums at age 10, which lead to everything I do now, in the world of audio. First taking private lessons, then joining all the school bands I could, drumming provided my escape, my social life, and my outlet. Playing in bands with friends, provided me many opportunities while attending Ithaca College. While there, I took many music and sound engineering classes. This paved the way for further studies in sound design and mixing audio for picture.


After graduation, and touring Europe wiht my band, Edge Park, I came to New York to be a full time musician. There, I was fortunate to record albums, jingles, singer-songwriter demos, and play on lots of TV sports music broadcast music. Following this on-the-job education, I was hired to record drums on an album that was being produced by a commercial mixer. A conversation we had one day shed some light on the world of ad agencies, and making sound for :30 spots. This in turn got me involved with voice actors, where I quickly got the bug for stepping behind the mic as often as possible. Here, I honed my skills doing commercial voiceover, character voices, and corporate videos. This all continues today, as I am fortunate to be active in each of these disciplines. 

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